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How to Advertise a Private Label Product on Amazon

How to Advertise a Private Label Product on Amazon

Selling a private label on Amazon is so valuable to your business. When people search for products to buy, Amazon is usually the first site they use. In fact, Amazon is now the third most used search engine on the entire web! It is by far the most used online marketplace, and customers prefer to use Amazon over direct retailers to look for a product.

Advertising your private label effectively is a great way to boost conversions, expose new customers to your brand and ultimately gain more sales.

Here are industry-proven top ways to advertise your own brand products on Amazon:

Sponsored Product Adverts

This is the most obvious method. There is a lot to say on this topic.

I’m sure you’ve seen sponsored adverts on Amazon before; these are the products that usually appear first in the search results. This is a pay per click (PPC) service.

I would recommend that you start the campaign with automatic targeting. Amazon’s search algorithm will give you examples of keywords that are associated with your brand. The key thing about this automatic targeting stage is that you are only looking at data. You want to see which variations of the keywords, that show your private label in the search results, are giving the best outcomes.

The more data that you collect the better. You can then start to manually target what keywords you want to advertise your Amazon private label. The keywords that achieve the highest search volumes will be the ones that you will want to focus on bidding for.

Once you have found a couple of keywords that work for you, don’t stop there. There might be others that could work wonders for your product but have yet to be discovered. If you can find one that is not competitive, and therefore will be cheap to bid for, you will hit the jackpot! Keyword research is important for the best sponsored private product ad campaigns.

You don’t have to limit ads to Amazon

Amazon is not the only website that uses ads to increase sales. Google and Facebook are prime examples of companies that businesses use to drive traffic to Amazon. This is another way of advertising your brand label product to a wider audience.

We mentioned earlier that Amazon is the third most popular search engine. It will come as no surprise to you that Google is number one. Google Ads can direct customers to your Amazon private label so investing in some ads here will only be beneficial.

Not only that, you could also partake in an affiliate program. This is popular in blogs and other content creators who will recommend your brand in return for some commission. This would prove particularly effective if you could cooperate with an individual/business that has a large following. Social media platforms like Facebook and even YouTube, which happens to be the second most used search engine on the web, would be great places to reach out to potential affiliates.

Make your product listing as detailed as possible

The 7 seconds rule applies not only to first impressions in human interaction, but also to websites and products.

Customers will decide within 7 seconds if they like the look of your listing. If they do not then they will go back the previous page to browse other search results. As an ecommerce seller, you don’t want that to happen to your own brand product.

To avoid this, keep the following in mind:

  • Include plenty of keywords in your product title. This will clearly indicate what the product is and make it relevant to the search rankings. Remember, Amazon is also looking for relevant products that are associated with certain keywords so this doubly important.
  • The same goes for the product description. You need to use effective keywords in this section of the product listing. Make each feature easy to read for a customer but keyword rich. You don’t want to make each point a paragraph long; keep it short, sweet and to the point.
  • Include a picture that clearly shows what the product is. This by itself will boost conversions! Again, the more relevant your private label product is, the better it will rank on the listings.


As we know from previous articles, figuring out what price your Amazon own brand should be is tricky. You want to outsell your competitors in that market but also maintain healthy margins.

However, by selling your private label product, you avoid the fight to get to the top of the buy box. No one else will be selling your brand so you have more control.

Keep an eye on what products similar to yours are selling at. Also, pay attention to how and when they update their listings. If a competitor is low or out of stock for example, this is a perfect time for you to ramp up the number of ads, lower your product price or put on a sale (more on promotions later).

As a private label, you also do not to strictly comply with Amazon’s price parity clause. You have the option to undercut your competitors. And customers like to buy things for cheaper if they can!

This is a powerful tool available to you when thinking about how to optimise the advertising for your own brand product.

Another point to bear in mind with pricing is offering some sort of incentive, for example a welcome bonus and other discount alternatives. Buy one, get one free is another popular method.

This leads to the next technique:


This advertising method is a way to boost short term sales. In the early phase of your private label’s life cycle, it’s all about exposure. You want to get the product noticed and into the public eye quickly. Promotions can help with this.

By including discounts or special offers for new buyers at launch, you will be able to increase the number of products sold at a quicker rate than at full price.

Doing so means that your product will rank higher on Amazon twofold:

  • In terms of relevancy as Amazon’s search algorithm will recognise that your product is doing well for a specific keyword.
  • More and better reviews. Amazon likes good products as it can make them more money. The better the reviews, the better your private label will rank on search results.

If a customer purchases your product, another option is that you can give them exclusive benefits. For example, you could give them a gift voucher to save them some money on other products available at your store.

You want to encourage the customer to come back so great promotions are an excellent way to advertise private label items on Amazon.

Product reviews

These are very important. Check out our ultimate guide on this topic. Amazon takes both positive and negative reviews into account when it comes to ranking a product.

Not only that, let’s step into a customer’s shoes for a second. If you had to choose between two products that did the exact same thing as each other, had the same price, but, one had a 5-star review and the other a 3, what product would you choose? Of course, the better rated version.

Make sure your own brand product is that 5-star product and achieve better ratings than the competition.

Now, you can’t force customers to review your product but you can encourage them to do so.

An effective way to do this is by following up a product sale with an email. This not only shows the customer that you are pleased that they chose your own brand over others but provides a personal service that shoppers enjoy.

You could even use a promotion technique here too and offer them a discount or special offer by leaving a review.

There is one thing you should keep to though. Do not send more than 2 emails; the first being when the product is purchased and the second being a week or two after the product has been delivered. Any more than this can encourage negative feedback on your brand which harms rankings and sales, giving competitors an advantage.

To sum up

Selling own brand products on Amazon can be difficult due to all the competition. However, by using the tips we have you given you in this article, you will be in a much better position to gain an edge and start out-selling them.

Use relevant keywords in product listings to boost rankings and conversions, implement effective ads that can give your brand bigger traffic volumes and provide a service that will increase your reputation with great reviews.