Instantly become aware of changes in your Amazon listings and Product Detail Pages.

Even more convenient alternative to discontinued ASIN change notifications by Amazon.

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Make sure you know about any changes to your listings.

Amazon or your competitors randomly merge your products and change titles, category, images and more from your product detail pages. Bindwise tracks all your Amazon listings and instantly notifies of any changes - allowing you keep a pulse on your product detail pages.


See a changed listing field before and after.

Bindwise Alerts clearly display every change Amazon or your competitors make to your product detail pages. Now, with Bindwise Alerts, you can turn back the clock and compare earlier version of the listing to fix the change while minimizing disruption to you.


Track changes of 100+ key fields.

Bindwise is capable to track changes of many key fields to your Amazon product detail pages - fields which visible to buyers and fields used internally by Amazon Search Engine. Some of them are:

Main image
Pack of ...
Adult flag
and more.

How it works.

1. Setup in less than 1 min

Selecting your Amazon seller account for monitoring is easy.

2. Monitoring 24/7 - day and night

Bindwise monitors 24/7 all your listings for any changes.

3. Get real-time alerts

We send you notifications as soon as Amazon or competitors change your listings.

4. See exactly what's changed

Alerts visually show you before and after product detail page changes.

5. Return the correct listing details

Revert the correct listing info by submitting it in Seller Central.

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Top questions about the service

  • I set Bindwise and haven't received anything for a long time. What's the matter?

    Everything is fine. The service monitors all your listings 24/7. You haven't received anything or your Bindwise dashboard is "clear" because there were no hijackers on your listings yet.

  • Does Bindwise detect negative product reviews?

    No. It's illegal according to the Amazon's Terms of Service to read programmatically product reviews. As we maintain to stay 100% Amazon Compliant, we can't do that. Read more about it here.

  • Do you have business-grade security?

    Yes. Your security comes first in everything we do. We keep all your company data safe and protected. We make sure that our services are protected by one of the world’s most advanced security infrastructures.

    Bindwise® -- Official Amazon Solution Provider -- utilizes Microsoft Azure Cloud insfrastructure, which has more certification than any other cloud provider. Additionally, you can check here Compliance offerings of IT infrustructure for your country.

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