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25 Best Amazon Third-Party Software Solutions in 2022

25 Best Amazon Third-Party Software Solutions in 2022

There comes a time in every Amazon entrepreneur's life when they sit and scratch their heads at what they see before them.

How did your competitor get ranked ahead of you again? You've got a better product, fantastic reviews, and reliable shipping. What's their secret?

Here's the answer.

Your competitor has almost certainly invested in Amazon seller third-party software and tools to help boost their rankings. And now it's time for you to do the same to stay competitive in an ever-more challenging marketplace.

To help you get started, we've put together a definitive and up-to-date guide to the best 25 Amazon tools on the market in 2022.

1. Bindwise

Automated monitoring will save you time with your Amazon listings. It will also help flag up problems immediately, minimizing costs to your business.

Bindwise is a fully-compliant, Amazon third-party monitoring tool. It provides automated alerts for:

  • Hijacking of listings by other sellers
  • Compliance issues on your account that could potentially lead to a suspension
  • Defects on your listing (which could downgrade your search ranking)
  • Amazon changing your product category
  • Potential shipping problems such as overcharging

These automated alerts will allow you to act on a problem instantly. You'll avoid a crisis that could cost you lost sales.

Take listing hijackers, for instance. Fraudulent sellers can hurt your brand name and reduce your sales conversion rate. It's simple to report these problems to Amazon, but only if you know about them first.

Amazon suspensions are another critical business problem you'll want to avoid at all costs. Even if the suspension is due to a mistake rather than fraudulent activity, it will take time to appeal your suspension.

You can mitigate that by monitoring your account with Bindwise and resolving any issue before it reaches a suspension stage.

Bindwise is free for the initial sign-up. In addition to a free starter package, it offers premium-level packages from $19 to $99 per month.

2. Trendster (by Helium 10)

Amazon Seller success often comes down to picking the right product at the right time.

If you can tap into trends and spot rising stars in your niche, you can list a hot product ahead of the competition. That means you'll get the revenue and rankings advantages from being first-to-market for that product ISIN.

Trendster is a third-party tool to help you spot future patterns in buyer activity. The Trendster platform uses a graphical interface to provide future sales forecasts for a particular ASIN product.

Trendster is also helpful in modeling seasonal patterns. The data on the platform will tell you about peaks and troughs. That will help with inventory management and help you time future marketing campaigns.

Trendster will also help you optimize your pricing (and subsequently profit margins). The platform provides a detailed breakdown of price fluctuations for a product across the year.

3. Feedvisor

Feedvisor is an all-in-one performance dashboard for enterprise-level Amazon sellers. Using this performance dashboard, you can monitor metrics and take action to optimize your sales.

Features include:

  • A performance dashboard to track and compare the relative success of each of your Amazon listings
  • A profit dashboard to track the profitability of each listing
  • An advertising campaign manager to provide a bespoke view of your ad performance outside of the standard Amazon ad campaign's manager
  • A keyword insights tool to help you choose the best keywords to optimize your listings
  • Inventory insights to help monitor and replenish low stock and avoid warehousing issues
  • Revenue insights to help track the financial performance of your seller account
  • Custom reporting to give you the full suite of business data you need to manage your Amazon account
  • Price optimization to track and tweak your product pricing and maximize profit margins throughout the year

Intelligence dashboards are a good investment when you reach a specific size with your Amazon seller business, either because of the number of listings you have or sales volume.

Without a data dashboard, the information you'll need to monitor daily, weekly and monthly could potentially become too time-consuming and unwieldy.

4. FeedbackFive (by eComEngine)

The cornerstone of any successful Amazon seller account is getting your product reviewed. You need consistent, positive reviews in high volume each time you publish a new listing on Amazon.

If getting product reviews feels like an endless and time-consuming task, you might find FeedbackFive a helpful third-party solution.

FeedbackFive is a fully-compliant tool that will allow you to automate the process of requesting reviews from your customers.

Here's a breakdown of the main features:

  • Automated review requests sent to customers after a purchase
  • Email campaigns
  • The ability to track reviews on products by ASIN
  • An analytics tool to give you a high-level overview of your review performance
  • Email and text alerts each time you receive a new customer review

Pricing starts at $9.99 per month. That figure gets higher based on the number of review requests you intend to send each month.

5. ZonGuru

ZonGuru is another all-in-one tool for monitoring and optimizing your Amazon seller account. It is end-to-end, meaning that the tool will support you from the early stages of product selection through to customer support.

Here are the main features of ZonGuru:

  • Niche Finder and Niche Rater to help you find profitable and popular products and niches
  • A Listings Optimizer that will help you create an excellent product listing to maximize your chances of a high ranking
  • A Sales Spy tool to help you discover sales data on competitors' products
  • A feature called "Love Hate" will allow you to run a SWOT analysis on your products
  • Easy Source wholesale supplier integration with Alibaba

Pricing starts at $39 per month for their basic researcher package. That's ideal if you are just getting started with Amazon.

For established sellers, their full suite starts at $49 per month and is higher for their more extensive enterprise-level suite.

6. Market Intelligence (by Viral Launch)

Market Intelligence is a third-party product research tool. It will help you determine if the product you want to see will be viable on Amazon, and it cuts out some of the trial and error of listing products that don't sell.

Market Intelligence gives you data on:

  • Product sales estimates, including current and historical sales data
  • A 5-star rating system for each product's viability to help you make an easy decision
  • Product pricing data, including trends over time
  • A calculator with built-in data on product costs and retail price to help you establish potential profit margins

As a research tool, it provides you with a shortcut in your product selection phase before setting up your Amazon seller business. It can also help existing companies expand their product range.

Prices vary from $58 per month to $166 per month, depending on the package you buy.

7. JungleScout

JungleScout is another comprehensive, all-in-one tool for Amazon sellers. You can use JungleScout to discover products, optimize your product listings, get reviews, manage your inventory and monitor your financial status.

Here are the main features of JungleScout:

  • A supplier database
  • A category trends tool to help you find popular and profitable products
  • A Keyword insights tool to help you optimize your listing
  • A listings optimization score to help you improve your rankings
  • A promotional campaigns tool to get reviews and promote offers
  • A suite of forecasting tools to help manage your inventory
  • A sales analytics dashboard to track profit and loss of PPC campaigns in addition to hidden fees

Their standard plan starts at $49 per month for their basic suite. But for the full range of tools, you need to upgrade to either their standard or professional packages, which are $69 and $129, respectively.

8. SellerApp

SellerApp is a single dashboard to support entrepreneurs at all touchpoints in their Amazon business, from the initial product search to scaling their business.

The seller app features fall into four distinct parts.

The Amazon Product Research and Idea Tools: A seller can search for profitable products, reviewing how competitive each niche may be and the potential for a comfortable margin.

The Keyword Research and Listing Tools: These tools help you find the best keywords to help you rank well in relevant searches on Amazon.

Optimizer Tools: Once your seller business is up and running, these tools help you optimize your listings, manage inventory, and run PPC ad campaigns.

Scaling Tools: When your business is ready to grow, this part of SellerApp will help you identify new opportunities. Plus, it will help you monitor how well your existing listings perform.

SellerApp offers a free account for new sellers and a free 7-day trial on their premium packages. Paid packages start at $49 a month.

9. Feedback Whiz

Feedback Whiz is a platform for established businesses to optimize and grow their Amazon seller account. Features range from operational support like order management to marketing and promotion.

Here is a little bit more information on what this tool provides:

  • A reporting platform with integrated data on customers and orders
  • Financial data including revenue, expenses, and profit
  • A feedback management feature to monitor reviews, including alerts on negative reviews
  • Email automation to request reviews from customers
  • An analytics suite to monitor sales performance and trends
  • Notifications to flag up potential issues on your seller account

Feedback Whiz offers a free starter amount plus a 30-day free trial for new customers. After that, premium accounts start with a monthly fee of $19.99 to $139.99 for their most premium package.

10. RestockPro (by eComEngine)

Another eComEngine tool worthy of mention is the RestockPro software platform. It's a tool specifically designed to help FBA sellers manage the inventory for their Amazon business.

The design of RestockPro ensures you never run low on stock for any of your listings. Out-of-stock products are something that could potentially hurt your short-term revenue and your longer-term product search rankings.

The platform also helps you with the financial management of your FBA seller account. It provides real-time information on the profit margins for each of your listings, as well as calculating your FBA fees.

You can reorder via the platform purchase order function and monitor your stock levels across a detailed dashboard when stock is running low. You can also track suppliers from the platform.

The platform also has shipment and printing functionality for handling your goods within the Amazon FBA system.

The platform comes with a 21-day free trial.

11. Flywheel 2.0 (by Teikametrics)

Perhaps you are selling products on the Walmart platform in addition to Amazon. In that case, the functionality on offer from Flywheel 2.0 might be of interest to you.

It caters to both, which means you can see your entire operation for those two retailers across one single dashboard.

Flywheel is an advertising platform with advanced AI to help you get the most out of your marketing campaigns. Functionality includes:

  • A campaign creation tool to set up your ads from scratch, targeting keywords and buyers
  • A tool called the Targeted Recommendation Engine that uses AI to identify the best keywords for your campaigns
  • An AI-powered bidding engine to help you achieve the most cost-effective bid price for each of your advertising campaigns
  • Analytics to monitor the performance of each of your ad campaigns

Ad campaigns are central to Amazon sellers who want to scale their business and maximize sales. Flywheel allows you to run these marketing campaigns from a single platform.

Flywheel has a free package for small sellers. Their premium package comes with a monthly fee calculated at 3% of your total ad spend.

12. Seller Legend

Seller Legend is primarily an analytics platform. This data dashboard will provide you with an overview of how your Amazon business is performing to help you improve your sales.

The analytics includes the following data:

  • Financial information such as revenue and profit
  • Information on your current inventory, including forecasting and alerts
  • Sales monitoring
  • Performance across each product, including a breakdown of your top 10 products
  • Customer information including repeat vs. one-time customers, customer lifetime value, and customer cross-sell data
  • Marketing promotions, including offers and coupons
  • Customer management, including product returns

The dashboard and reporting functionality is fully customizable, allowing you to get the most relevant information to your business.

It also offers visual representations, including graphs and pie charts, to help make the dashboard more intuitive and informative.

Seller Legend offers a free trial to new customers and has pricing that starts from $49.99 per month for their starter account.

13. Pixelfy

Pixelfy is a simple concept. It's a URL shortener tool. By shortening the URLs for your product listings, you can make it easier to drive organic traffic to your Amazon products.

Pixelfy helps boost your traffic by making your shortened URLs keyword specific. The tool mimics actual high-performing keyword terms used to drive traffic to your products.

That's important if you want to rank highly on the most competitive terms searched by your target customer.

As well as shortening URLs, the tool also allows you to track these links. That will help you see how effective your marketing promotions have been in driving traffic to your sales pages.

The tool helps you to retarget warm leads to your products. Advertising will help you boost the RoAS (Return on Ad Spend) you ultimately achieve on each of your marketing promotions.

In terms of costs, the tool offers a 7-day free trial. Paid packages start at $19.99 per month.

14. Repricer Express

A big challenge for all Amazon sellers is keeping your pricing competitive while maximizing your profit margins. In an ideal world, that would mean daily repricing. But as a manual task, that's not feasible.

Repricer Express also works with eBay, so it's a valuable tool if you sell on both platforms.

The main feature of Repricer Express is the automatic repricing of your product listings. The platform will also display data on current and historical pricing. That way, you'll have all the relevant information on one dashboard.

Repricer Express uses its pricing algorithm to improve your chances of selling through the Buy Box. This Amazon feature is responsible for over 80% of all Amazon sales.

In other words, improving your chances of selling through the Buy Box will dramatically increase your sales figures.

Repricer Express offers a 14-day free trial, and after that point, their lowest-level package starts at around $85 a month.

15. JoeLister

Do you want to expand outside of Amazon to other big selling platforms? Then JoeLister is the tool for you to support your ongoing channel management.

JoeLister will publish your Amazon listings onto eBay or Shopify, cutting out the manual task of reentering all your listings from scratch.

Here's an overview of the features offered:

  • A one-click tool to copy across your listings onto eBay and Shopify
  • The ability to synchronize pricing and stock quantities across all three platforms
  • Automatically fulfillment mechanism that will allow you to ship via Amazon when an order comes in on eBay or Shopify
  • Tracking information sent from Amazon fulfillment to eBay and Shopify

If you want to reach more customers without increasing your product line, alternative marketplaces like eBay are an excellent way to get fast results.

JoeLister comes with a 14-day free trial. They have five packages, ranging from $29 a month to $499 a month, depending on the number of listings you have.

16. Seller Rocket's Amazon Editorial Recommendations

You might have noticed a feature when searching listings on Amazon called Amazon Editorial Recommendations.

This feature is essentially a third-party product review from a trusted publisher such as the New York Times.

The publisher lists its top products for a particular keyword. Amazon will list these under the recommendation heading when a customer searches for that keyword or product name.

As an Amazon seller, you can probably understand the revenue potential from getting featured in a top-tier review like this. But how do you get listed?

You can try a third-party service like Seller Rocket. Seller Rocket will get your product reviewed and listed on your behalf.

There are a few caveats, of course.

First, there is a fee for getting listed. Seller Rocket doesn't publish pricing, so you need to inquire before receiving a quote.

Secondly, there are strict product criteria you'll need to fulfill before your listing gets a recommendation. That includes:

  • A 3.8 start minimum review rating
  • At least 100 reviews
  • Monthly revenue over $30,000
  • A top 100 listing in your primary subcategory
  • A product in-stock

Despite these caveats, it's a helpful service to boost revenue. Perhaps you have a top-quality product you think is consistently underperforming. In that case, Amazon Recommendations is a strategy you might want to try.

17. Listing Dojo (by Viral Launch)

Listing Dojo is a split-testing tool. Split testing, also known as A/B testing, is a widespread technique marketers use to boost conversion rates.

In a split test, you use technology to examine different aspects of your marketing to discover which performs the best. For example, you might test the name of your product listing or perhaps your product description.

Listing Dojo allows you to do this through a one-click tool instead of testing manually.

With built-in analytics, you can review your profit data to make an informed decision about how to present each product listing to maximize sales.

Listing Dojo split-tests seven different elements of an Amazon product listing. That includes the title, price, description, or product images.

Listing Dojo is free for up to 150 Amazon product listings.

18. Analytics Index

Analytics Index is a retail-focused analytics suite that supports Amazon, Walmart, and Target. Here are some of the main features offered by the platform:

  • Review your page rankings and your competitors' rankings for each product
  • A keyword tool that will help you find the best keywords to maximize your traffic
  • Recommendations to help you drive traffic
  • A full suite of analytics to track performance and tweak keywords to maximize conversions
  • Analytics for promotional paid advertising campaigns, including sponsored search listings

If you struggle to get consistent traffic and rankings, this tool is a helpful place to troubleshoot your problems.

The platform offers a free trial to new customers.

19. AMZ Scout

AMZ Scout will help you find profitable products and niches for your Amazon seller business.

If you are still at the early stages in your Amazon seller business, AMZ Scout will cut down the time it takes you to finalize your first product listings.

Here's what AMZ Scout has to offer:

  • Find new products through their searchable database
  • Compare profit potential on products
  • Search for product suppliers and manufacturers with integration to Alibaba
  • Find the best product keywords for each of your listings
  • Monitor competitor information, including pricing, keywords, and stock levels

Their Amazon package costs $49.99 a month, but they also offer a lifetime payment for the tool, which comes in at $1499.

As you grow, you'll want to find an easier way to integrate your Amazon seller account with your bookkeeping spreadsheets. Link My Books offers that integration.

Link My Books includes:

  • Integration with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify
  • Integration with Xero and Quickbooks accounting software
  • A setup wizard
  • Payout notifications for each platform
  • One-click synchronization between platforms

Investing in a bookkeeping integration will keep your overheads low and save you money on external bookkeeping services.

Link My Books comes with a 14-day free trial.

21. Pacvue

Pacvue is an enterprise-level platform for Amazon sellers that will support your business across a broad spectrum of tasks, including automation, promotional campaigns, and analytics.

Here are some of the notable features:

  • A keyword research tool
  • Automated bidding for ad campaigns plus budget management
  • Campaign optimization using advanced AI
  • Event tracking
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Integration with other platforms, including Walmart and Instacart

Pacvue is an official Amazon ad partner. They offer a demo for enterprise customers interested in reviewing their platform before buying.

22. Shopkeeper

Amazon fees can feel like a complicated business to any seller, new or established.

Shopkeeper addresses this problem by offering a tool that will allow you to collate that information in one place. That will give you a clear and definitive overview of the profitability of your Amazon business.

Here is a breakdown of the functionality in Shopkeeper:

  • A profit tracker to monitor your profit margins across each product
  • An inventory tracker to help monitor low stock levels that you need to replenish
  • A metrics dashboard with data covering your complete seller account, including the value of inventory and growth in revenue over time
  • A training and education area with tips and strategies to maximize your profit on Amazon
  • A breakdown of profits by country if you sell overseas

Pricing starts at $20 a month for the basic package, and the most extensive enterprise package comes in at $250 per month. The shopkeeper platform also offers new customers a free trial.

23. Smart Campaigns (by Sellics)

Smart Campaigns by Sellics automates your PPC advertising campaigns on Amazon. The platform claims to demonstrate a marked improvement in their customers' sales figures in as little as four weeks.

Sellics promote their platform to business owners who lack experience in PPC advertising, so if you haven't set up a PPC ad campaign before, this could be a sensible alternative.

Here's what this Amazon third-party software has to offer:

  • A one-click PPC campaign setup so you can get up and running with your advertising quickly
  • A best-practice campaign setup in place automatically to give your ad the best start from day one
  • Keyword optimization for each ad setup
  • Underperforming keywords added to negative criteria to improve the performance of each campaign
  • Automatic bid adjustments to optimize your campaign and reduce your ad costs

Smart Campaigns by Sellics costs $259 for their standard plan. The company also provides a free trial for new customers and a demo for potential customers.

With the standard package, you also receive monthly advisor guidance to help give you the support you need with your PPC campaigns.

24. HelloProfit

HelloProfit is a multifunctional tool to help Amazon sellers improve their sales and profitability.

Using a dashboard-style layout, Amazon sellers can access the most critical data from their Amazon seller account. That dashboard helps the seller to make future decisions to boost revenue.

To compare this to other third-party tools, here's what you can find inside the HelloProfit dashboard:

  • Sales statistics, including real-time sales data from Amazon
  • Real-time ranking data
  • Profitability snapshot
  • A user-friendly graphical interface
  • A breakdown of whether your sales are from organic referrals or advertising
  • A PPC ad campaign manager
  • Payout notifications
  • The ability to group and aggregate data to provide custom reporting

HelloProfit offers a 21-day free trial for new customers. After that, the platform is available at a fee of $97 per month for the full suite of tools.

25. SellerMobile

Our final software in our list of Amazon 3rd-party tools is SellerMobile.

This seller dashboard is available on iOS and Android—as the name implies. That means you can tap into critical business data even when away from your desk.

Here is the information available on SellerMobile:

  • Profitability and sales revenue via the seller dashboard
  • Amazon fee tracker plus a full breakdown of all your product costs, including refunds and shipping
  • Inventory tracker including forecasting data based on their AI analyzing future buyer demand for your products
  • Reporting on lost sales from out-of-stock items
  • FBA shipment tool available direct from the mobile app
  • Shipping labels printing tool
  • Automatic repricing tool
  • Product alerts and notifications for critical changes that might impact your sales

In terms of pricing, their packages vary from $59.99 for the basic package to $199.99 for enterprise-level businesses.

Boost Your Sales Using Amazon Seller Third-Party Software

Amazon might be unrivaled when it comes to potential sales opportunities. But the downside of that is you'll always have to stay ahead of some nimble, fierce competition.

Investing in Amazon seller third-party software and tools is one of the best ways you can continue staying in those all-important top spots. Plus, it's your chance to see your revenue figures climb to new heights.

As you can see from the list, Bindwise is unique as a tool that provides essential protection for your Amazon seller account. That's something that you find becomes increasingly critical as you grow your business.

You can get started with Bindwise today by signing up for your free account.