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Online selling is evolving rapidly

Today’s shoppers more and more buy online and want to shop across many channels. Also, seller competition gets tougher and technologically more advanced. More than 1M new online retailers appear every year1.

To grow, remain competitive, and catch up on buyer needs, online merchants need to streamline business operations.

A shift from retail to smarter online retail

Brick-and-mortar retailers

Online retailers

Streamlined online retail



With a good reason 89% of HIGH-EARNING sellers have reinvented themselves and use agile software automation to run their business2. Those who choose to stick with manual daily operations may ultimately cease to exist.

Who gets the biggest piece of the pie?

Nowadays online sellers are expected to:

Get rid of daily routine manual work & reduce human errors
Have a company that is working for you while you sleep
Fit easily a software into how you already work without learning pains
Have flexibility to meet ever-changing workflow
Quicker expansion into new sales channels

Business benefits

Sell to the whole world more pleasant, and more productive with less effort.

Don't want to manually perform shipping tasks anymore? Do you feel that managing orders and inventory takes too much effort? Would you like to work from one centralized product catalog? Bindwise has you covered.

With our technology, you get one unified platform on top of your own custom spreadsheets. This allows you to run your business with ease without breaking your flow.

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2Source: WebRetailer, 2016, Surveys