Monitor costly Amazon product listing issues.

Amazon doesn't notify you about your blocked & inactive listings, hidden (or suppressed) from search and browse listings, ASIN merges or silently ungated products from the Brand Registry. We're filling this gap.

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Did Amazon silently take down one of your lucrative listings?

Used Sold as New
Not as Described
Not as Advertised
Safety Complaints
and more reasons for that...

Bindwise immediately notifies you about this issue so you can address it quickly, open up a case with Amazon and reinstate listings/ASINs.

On 03 December at 1:45 PM
Your listing is blocked (suspended)
for this product

Amazon never even tells you when it merges your listings. We do.

After an unsolicited merge, you might lose all the reviews. Unclear, vague and missing information might be brought to a listing. Or Amazon can just merge totally different products.

On 03 December at 1:45 PM
ASIN merge happened
B01YYQIXXX into B01YYYY666

Your Brand Registered listings become ungated.

Even if you are Brand Registered and Private Label, your listing can still be overwritten or ungated. Obviously, there is the lack of communication Amazon gives third party sellers. We communicate to you major business events so you can protect your brand on Amazon.

On 03 December at 1:45 PM
Amazon has ungated your listing
from the Brand Registry.

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