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7 Best Amazon Automation Software Solutions in 2022

7 Best Amazon Automation Software Solutions in 2022

Did you know that Amazon sellers can use automation tools to do less work for more gain? The ultimate goal of any Amazon seller is efficiency, getting the most out of the effort you put into your products.

That's why every successful Amazon seller uses some type of process automation software to spend less time on menial tasks.

From profitable product ideas to warehouse management, you have access to endless software solutions - you just have to know where to look. We've collected a list of the 7 latest and best Amazon seller automation software for 2022.

1. Bindwise - Automate Amazon Listing Monitoring

Bindwise is the ultimate notification software for Amazon sellers. This monitoring tool offers instant Amazon alerts to prevent account suspension, track defects in your listings, alert you to negative reviews, and more.

Sellers use this powerful Amazon alerting automation software to effectively monitor their accounts and to avoid costly errors without sacrificing valuable time.

The Features of Bindwise

Bindwise can help you monitor the following:

  • Buy Box wins/losses
  • Hijackers
  • Product detail changes
  • Incorrect FBA fees
  • Late shipments

It's hard not to stress about the unpredictable aspects of being an Amazon seller, but Bindwise can take some of the responsibility off your hands.

Bindwise Plans

You have access to seven Bindwise plans depending on how many orders you want to be monitored, the prices ranging from free to custom.

The free plan monitors your account 7 days/month with up to 50 alerts/day. If you're new to Amazon selling, the free plan is a great starting place to build your business. As you grow, you can upgrade to more comprehensive plans.

The most expensive plan available, not including the custom plan, is the Enterprise plan, which monitors over 50,000 orders/month with up 500 alerts/day.

For Amazon sellers juggling a large pool of orders, the Enterprise plan can keep you organized and informed on your account. You'll be paying $99/month for the Enterprise plan.

If you're on the fence about Bindwise, you can try the 30-day free trial with full access to the Enterprise plan.

How Does Bindwise Compare to Other Monitoring Tools?

Unlike other monitoring software, Bindwise alerts cover a wide range of categories without sacrificing accuracy and important details. Most Amazon monitoring software prioritizes niche alerts in one category or more general notifications covering a wide array of categories.

Bindwise, on the other hand, is a balance of both. It has the capability to cast a wide net while still alerting you to the easy-to-miss details of your product listings.

2. FeedbackWhiz - Manage Your Amazon Feedback

FeebackWhiz is one of the best Amazon automation tools for feedback management. With FeedbackWhiz, you have access to a suite of Amazon automation tools that can track Amazon product reviews, automate review requests via email, and even create custom email campaign templates.

The Features of FeedbackWhiz

FeedbackWhiz offers the following features:

  • Order management
  • Feedback management
  • Product review tools
  • Email automation
  • Monitoring/alerts
  • Profits overview

While this Amazon automation software advertises itself as an all-in-one software, the most unique benefit of FeedbackWhiz is the in-depth feedback management.

The automated Amazon campaigns target customers to increase your positive feedback. Since customers don't always think to review products, these automated emails can create a big boost to your ratings.

FeedbackWhiz Plans

FeedbackWhiz offers five monthly plans, ranging from free to Ultimate at $139.99/month.

Every plan includes orders/feedback manager, analytics and statistics overview, and downloadable data reports. As you upgrade, you gain more access to the number of available:

  • email and review requests
  • email campaigns
  • marketplaces

According to their site, the most popular plan is the Professional plan at $79.99/ month. With this plan, you have unlimited access to email requests, review requests, and email campaigns.

Is FeedbackWhiz Free?

While FeedbackWhiz has a free plan, the features are limited to 150 email and review requests, one email campaign, and one included marketplace per month.

FeedbackWhiz does have a 30-day free trial available with unlimited access to its features. You can use the free trial to determine what features are necessary for your Amazon seller account.

3. Refunds Manager - Automate FBA Refunds Tracking

Refunds Manager does exactly what the name promises. This Amazon automation software tracks and files FBA reimbursement claims so that you don't lose profits from Amazon errors.

The Features of Refunds Manager

Even Amazon makes mistakes, but Refunds Manager can review any potential errors and file claims to prevent unnecessary profit loss.

Refunds Manager features include the following:

  • Inventory Review
  • FBA reimbursement review and submission
  • Case reports
  • Reports of recovered money

Using Refunds Manager holds Amazon accountable for any costly errors. This automated tool offers peace of mind for Amazon sellers who don't have the time to review every order.

Refunds Manager Plan

Refunds Manager is unique because it only has one "plan." When you sign up for Refunds Manager, you don't have to pay any fees.

The software takes a 25% cut from any money recovered. Assuming you wouldn't be reviewing these cases yourself, this system puts more money in your pocket and Refunds Manager's pocket. It's a win-win.

If you find and open a case yourself, Refunds Manager does not take a cut. You can see the full list of covered cases here.

Who Is Eligible for Amazon Reimbursement?

You can file an Amazon reimbursement claim if Amazon owes you money due to inventory issues and errors. For more information, Amazon has a FAQ page on their FBA inventory reimbursement policy.

4. ShipWorks - Automate Your Shipping

ShipWorks is an Amazon automation software that streamlines the shipping process and automates some of the more time-consuming tasks in warehouse management. You can spend less time on the logistics of shipping with the help of this automated system.

The Features of ShipWorks

ShipWorks focuses on optimizing shipping fulfillment, especially for high-volume businesses.

ShipWorks offers the following features:

  • Intelligent order routing
  • API and ODBC integrations
  • Exclusive carrier rate discounts
  • Best rate tool for the best carrier rate value
  • Insurance coverage

Automating your shipping prevents common human errors and gives you clear, organized data on shipments.

ShipWorks Plans

This is one of the most expensive Amazon automation tools on the list since it's mainly for businesses with high-volume orders.

ShipWorks has three available plans depending on your maximum number of shipments per month. Every ShipWorks plan comes with full feature access.

The cheapest plan is for Amazon sellers with up to 12,000 shipments/month at $349/month, while the most expensive plan goes to 50,000 shipments/month at $799/month. You can talk to sales for a custom plan if you have over 50,000 shipments/month.

The pricing may seem intimidating, but there is a cheaper alternative to a full ShipWorks plan.

You can sign up for a ShipStation plan at $9-$159/month if you fulfill less than 5,000 orders/month. However, you can only use these plans with one shipping location and feature access is more limited.

Every plan, including the ShipStation plans, come with a free trial so you can test their features for yourself.

Who Works With ShipWorks?

Many companies work with ShipWorks, which gives ShipWorks the power to find the best carriers for the best price. The software provides support for UPS, USPS, FedEx, and many other shipping services.

5. TaxJar - Automate Sales Tax Compliance

TaxJar automates and simplifies sales tax compliance so you don't have to crunch the numbers yourself. As an Amazon seller, you need to manage and file your sales tax information throughout the year. This Amazon automation software tracks your sales tax information and even files for you.

The Features of TaxJar

TaxJar offers the following features:

  • Real-time sales tax calculations
  • Sales tax reports
  • Economic nexus monitoring
  • Automated sales tax filing and remittance

This software automates every step of the sales tax life cycle, which can be complicated and time-consuming.

TaxJar Plans

TaxJar offers three plans: Starter, Professional, and Premium.

The Starter and Professional plans both cover up to 200 orders/month. The Premium plan gives you access to all features at a custom price based on your orders/month.

The Starter plan at $19/month gives you access to tools for reporting and filing. You'll get four free AutoFiles per year and a simple CSV import with this plan.

With the Professional plan, you get 12 free AutoFiles per year as well as TaxJar API access and integrations. You'll also receive an advanced CSV import.

You can start a free trial through the Starter plan, but you'll need to contact TaxJar for a free trial with any other plan.

Do I Need TaxJar?

You don't need TaxJar to file and remit sales tax, but it does streamline the process. Different states have different requirements for sales tax compliance, so you'll benefit from TaxJar if you're not well-versed in the requirements for sales tax.

6. AMZ Scout - Find the Most Profitable Products

AMZ Scout's Amazon product research tools give you insight into the most profitable products based on supply, demand, competition, and other extensive Amazon product data. Research-based product insight can give you profitable ideas to boost and expand your Amazon business.

The Features of AMZ Scout

AMZ Scout provides the following product research tools:

  • PRO extension that collects Amazon item data to determine profitability
  • Product database
  • Quick view product side-by-side comparisons
  • Amazon online arbitrage and dropshipping extension

All of these tools are made to evaluate Amazon products and find potentially profitable products. These tools are ideal for Amazon sellers who want to increase their number of listings.

AMZ Scout Plans

AMZ Scout offers a wide variety of plans depending on what features you want to access. You can pay to use one tool individually or subscribe to the all-in-one bundle.

For access to AMZ Scout's complete toolset, you'll have to pay $49.99/month. There are also yearly and lifetime payment options if you're confident that you'll use the tools for a while.

Since the AMZ Scout PRO Extension is $45.99/month, the full toolset is a more cost-effective option unless you're sure you won't use the other tools.

Can I Use AMZ Scout for Free?

AMZ Scout has free trials available for each tool and the complete toolset. Even if you only plan to use one tool, you can sign up for the complete toolset free trial and experiment with the other features.

7. Seller Labs - Analyze Your Performance Data

Seller Labs PRO highlights key data to show how your Amazon account is performing and how it can improve. The platform is designed to identify trends, patterns, and important details to give your business opportunities for growth.

The Features of Seller Labs

Seller Labs PRO comes with the following features:

  • Flexible frameworks that analyze data trends, customer patterns, and other important account data
  • Comprehensive seller reports
  • Prioritized details based on available actionable options

The purpose of Seller Labs PRO is to give you insight into actionable decisions that can improve your Amazon seller account. The software automates data analysis and prioritizes the important details.

Seller Labs PRO Plans

The pricing for Seller Labs PRO is based on your annual 3P Amazon sales. Starting at up to $50k in sales, you can expect to pay $49/month for full feature access.

The plan's price increases in intervals depending on your annual 3P Amazon sales, so you'll be paying more as your business expands.

You can sign up for a 30-day free trial if you're interested in testing Seller Labs PRO's features.

Are There Other Seller Labs Services?

In addition to Seller Labs PRO, you can also pay Seller Labs for management services. If you want to expand your business and have the funds, management services can give you the tools and industry experience to help you.

Maximizing Efficiency With Amazon Seller Automation Software

Work smarter, not harder. Amazon seller automation software can help you streamline every process of selling through Amazon.

Pick the tools that provide the best solutions for your business. Every software on this list has the potential to help you depending on your needs. Just make sure you budget for tools and return enough profit to keep using them.

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