Hijacker and Counterfeit Monitoring 24/7 For Amazon Private Label Sellers

Don't allow hijackers ruin your amazing reputation you've built for yourself on Amazon


Monitor all your listings for hijackers to protect your private label

Get immediate email notifications when hijackers or piggybackers start selling on your Amazon listings. And of course when one stops doing this.

Unlimited ASIN/Listings monitored 24x7 and Real-Time Email Alerting
Deal with hijackers right away to get them off your listings fast
Don't let them sell fraudulent products and ruin your Amazon business
Get industry-proven steps how to handle Hijackers
Receive a Ready-To-Use Cease & Desist letter

See a list of your products others are selling on

You'll be able to sort by active hijackers with the list of ASINs they are hijacking on. So that you can then put that into an email template to send to them or report to Amazon

React in real time

Your best chance of success against hijackers is an immediate and aggressive response and with our immediate notifications you are always ready and armed

How it works


Setup in less than 1 min

Selecting your Amazon account for monitoring is easy


Monitoring 24/7 - day and night

Bindwise monitors 24/7 all your listings for hijackers and piggy backers


Get real-time alerts

You get notified as soon as a hijacker starts selling on your listings


See active hijackers

At any time, login to your Bindwise account and see a list of your products hijackers are selling on


Instruct hijackers or report to Amazon

Conveniently copy hijacked ASINs from your Bindwise account into a ready-to-use C&D letter


Get all the features your private label business needs

24/7 real-time email alerts

As a Bindwise user you'll receive an email alert in real-time once hijacker activity is detected on any of your Amazon listings

Buy Box loss alerts

Get alerts when you lose the Buy Box

Unlimited ASINs

Bindwise detects all your ASINs automatically. No manual work required

Entire list of hijacked ASINs

See a list of your products hijackers are selling on

Multiple Amazon accounts

Have more than 1 Amazon account? No problem! With Bindwise you're all covered

C&D letter

Industry-proven steps and ready-to-use C&D letter

8 marketplaces supported

Amazon.com, .uk, .de, .ca, .fr, .es, .it, .mx

Specific ASINs

By default Bindwise detects all your ASINs automatically. You can limit that and track only specific ASINs, which you can upload in a bulk

Cut through the noise

Silence the noise using filters based on Buy Box eligibility, fulfillment type and more

You're in good company

We've already helped thousands of private label businesses to fight hijackers


Monthly users

Top questions about the service

Do you have business-grade security?

Yes. Your security comes first in everything we do. We keep all your company data safe and protected. We make sure that our services are protected by one of the world’s most advanced security infrastructures.

Bindwise® -- Official Amazon Solution Provider -- utilizes Microsoft Azure Cloud insfrastructure, which has more certification than any other cloud provider. Additionally, you can check here Compliance offerings of IT infrustructure for your country.

I set Bindwise and haven't received anything for a long time. What's the matter?

Everything is fine. The service monitors all your listings 24/7. You haven't received anything or your Bindwise dashboard is "clear" because there were no hijackers on your listings yet.

Does Bindwise sends emails directly to the hijacker for me?

No, but it does provide you an industry-proven steps and ready-to-use C&D letter you can copy with 1 click to the send to the hijacker.

Bindwise fits to sellers of all sizes. To get started, we have a free plan too.