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Amazon Overcharging FBA Fees? Automatically Keep Track of The Dimensions & Weight of Products

Amazon Overcharging FBA Fees? Automatically Keep Track of The Dimensions & Weight of Products

Amazon Sellers spend way too much time manually keeping track of product dimension changes and auditing FBA charges and opening support cases - time that could be better spent growing their business. The reason is that Amazon keep all of the dimension changes hidden, and you constantly have to be downloading the fulfillment fee report and manually compare the changes from week to week to stay on top of it.

Here at Bindwise we received tons of similar suggestions:

Any dimension changes that result in a change in fulfillment fees should result in an alert to the seller.

We don’t feel that with the fees sellers pay to Amazon, they should have to spend valuable time making sure Amazon is properly calculating fees.

That's why we introduced to you instant notifications about your FBA fulfilment fee changes.

Our system will be monitoring FBA dimension changes as well as FBA weight changes. If any of your FBA fees (fulfillment, storage, handling, pick & pack) increase as a result of these changes, you will receive an instant alert. With these alerts you'll be able to earn money by preventing an increase in FBA fees and from reimbursing overcharges FBA fees.


You can enable automatic monitoring & alerts of FBA fulfillment fee here: http://www.bindwise.com/alerts/track-fba-fee-overcharge.


So here's the real case from one of our customers.

Amazon quietly increased an item package weight of one of ASINs from 0.92 pounds to 0.95 pounds. At the same time reducing a product size tier from Large Standard-Size Non-Media to Small Oversize. This caused a Fulfillment Fee to jump from $5.11 to $8.91. So now, each of these orders at 0.95 pounds cost you an additional $3.8 each. You can do basic math to figure out your losses when you lose sight of FBA fee changes.

You can open a case with Amazon and request a “Cubiscan” of your product to re-measure and re-weigh your product. This could take some time (3-5 business days). Price up on affected items to make sure you don’t sell them before the Cubiscan is completed.


If the findings support your position, you can request reimbursement for the overcharge.

Amazon tells you to submit the order IDs in question to get a credit. To do this you must

  1. Go to a date range report.
  2. Once downloaded you need to put it in a table and add some extra columns to do the math and figure out how much Amazon overcharged for.
  3. You then submit those orders to Amazon asking for an exact amount of credit.

Worth noting that a case could also be made for over-payments of inventory storage fees based on incorrect dimensions.

I'm hoping this article lets some of you see the money you are giving Amazon because you have overlooked your dimensions. Hopefully, with our notifications about FBA fulfillment fee changes you'll be able to earn some extra buck.