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14 Free and Paid Jungle Scout Alternatives for 2022

14 Free and Paid Jungle Scout Alternatives for 2022

Amazon has it all - over 350 million products are available to customers.

If you’re a seller on Amazon, you’ve likely recognized that the platform is a double-edged sword: you’re reaching millions of people, but you’re also competing with over a million sellers.

The key to making your products stand out on Amazon all comes down to using the best seller tools for you- and sometimes, this means foregoing expensive options like Jungle Scout that don’t provide the specific services you need.

Below we’ve included a list of the top 14 best Jungle Scout alternatives, from great free tools to some of the most expensive and effective ones. If you're looking to get the most value from the lowest cost, we've got you covered!

Best All-In-One Amazon Listing Monitoring Tools

We'll start off our list with the best all-in-one monitoring tool. While Amazon is full of great customers and legitimate sellers who contribute to the marketplace, there's no shortage of hijackers and scammers looking to make a quick dollar.

Protect all of your hard work by using a listing monitoring tool. You'll be notified in real-time if there are any threats to your products.

1. Bindwise

Keep track of any changes to your product listings with Bindwise’s all-in-one system. Any time a product listing change is made, Bindwise will immediately tell you with an email (or via Slack, Teams, etc).

It also tells you potential problems before they even happen. This could be anything ranging from an unresolved customer problem to an Amazon Terms of Service violation that you didn’t know about.

If Amazon takes down one of your products without telling you (seasoned sellers know this happens frequently), Bindwise will alert you as soon as it happens.

This Jungle Scout alternative also tracks other threats, like giving you notice when a customer leaves a negative review. It also keeps track of hijackers and eliminates other threats.

Bindwise’s five-tiered pricing plans mean that you can keep your store safe regardless of your budget. The more comprehensive the plan, the more alerts you’ll receive - you’ll never miss a thing.

Monthly pricing goes as follows:

  • $19 for up to 1000 orders a month
  • $29 for up to 10,000 orders a month
  • $49 for up to 25,000 orders a month
  • $69 for up to 50,000 orders a month
  • $99 for up to 50,000 orders a month

Bindwise also offers a free plan (monitoring runs 7 days/mo with up to 50 alerts/day) and a free trial so you can familiarize yourself with the product.

Try it out here.

Best All-In-One Tools

While many Amazon sellers use several seller tools, you may be in the market for just one or two. If this sounds like you, you'll be happy with a tool like HelloProfit or Sellics.

2. Sellics

Sellics is known for its easy-to-use interface and array of helpful features. You can use its platform to conduct product research, create an Amazon PPC or SEO campaign, and increase reviews on Amazon.

Make your store run more smoothly by using its profit-tracking and inventory management tools. Sellics has worked with large companies ranging from Bosch to L’Oreal.

Sellics will charge you according to its tiered pricing model. There’s a $259 a month plan that you’ll likely use if you’re an advertiser, and a $1249 a month plan for larger advertisers that need Sellics to optimize your account for you.

But if you just want to conduct a monthly review insight of your performance, you can use many of Sellics’ benchmarker tools for free.

View Sellics here.

3. Hello Profit

Another great free alternative to Jungle Scout is Hello Profit. This tool is one of our favorites.

Its numerous features will leave you impressed. HelloProfit boasts an intuitive, all-in-one dashboard that’s updated every 10 minutes. You’ll learn about your store in real-time.

The tool includes gross sales, profit, and ROI on every product and variation you have, making it easy to determine your most profitable categories.

It also has a built-in BSR tool to retrieve keyword rankings for each product, as well as promotion tracking and analysis. This keyword tracking is included at no extra cost, which is a pretty rare occurrence.

Reporting on sales, promo rebates, fees, and payouts keeps you on track with additional costs or changes in price.

And lastly, its customer analysis tools will give you an idea of what your customers want and how they interact with your listings.

At $97 a month, HelloProfit is not one of the least expensive options on this list. However, for it all of its features, it’s worth the price.

View HelloProfit here.

Best Tools to Build Your Amazon Brand

During the early stages of establishing your store’s online presence, one of your most important concerns should be establishing your brand as a credible choice for customers.

Below we’ve included two FBA seller tools that will help you start your e-commerce brand as a trustworthy one.

4. BrandBuilders

BrandBuilders is a web agency that’s known for its work with Amazon brands. They know how to make you stand out while meeting all of Amazon’s Terms of Service for branding.

The team of experts will use their knowledge to create high-level content and place it onto your desired digital channels. They offer e-commerce marketing, platforms, and solutions.

Brandbuilders is a service for Amazon sellers who are just starting out. As an alternative to Jungle Scout, it’s one of the best choices for sellers who truly need help getting started from the ground up.

For $599, BrandBuilders will create an FBA-base side for you. For a fully managed platform, solutions could cost about $4000. It’s wise to get in touch with them to speak about your exact requirements, so they can create a custom solution for you.

View BrandBuilders here.

Best Customer Communication Tools

Effective customer communication requires you to stay in contact with your customers even after they make a purchase. These seller tools allow you to send targeted campaigns to users and keep them on your radar.

5. Feedback Whiz

Feedback Whiz is another great tool that has several features for FBA sellers, but the feature you should really take advantage of is its communication tool.

With Feedback Whiz, you can connect with your customers in ways that will convert.

Most notably, you can create automated campaigns for individual products, which allows you to segment customers as you choose. You can customize campaigns based on your brand goals and identity with choices like custom HTML, GIFs, and attachments.

The tool also covers orders, organizes reviews, and provides analytics. Feedback Whiz will give you the option to customize responses to customer feedback, which will save you time and effort.

Feedback Whiz is often viewed as the best free alternative to Jungle Scout because of its numerous features that come at no cost to you.

After that, its starter plan starts at an affordable $20 a month, and its ultimate plan reaches about $140 a month.

View Feedback Whiz here.

6. Quantify Ninja

Take your automated campaigns a step further with Quantify Ninja. This tool gives you anything and everything you need to create a killer automatic email list campaign.

Along with unique email templates, you have access to bulk emailing services and data services that track open rates.

It also allows you to exclude certain people from emails and target people based on previous actions.

For example, say that you send out a review request email to users after they have made a purchase.

Quantify Ninja will allow you to target your emails so someone who has already left a review will not receive an email. This will keep your customers happy, as they won’t feel as though they’re recovering generic emails that don’t apply to them.

Even cooler is the tool’s capabilities to break down your customers by specific data like demographics like location and preferred language. Your audience will value your unique communication style!

Quantify Ninja’s pricing makes it an even better choice. Most email services will charge you by the number of subscribers or emails you want to send, but Quantify Ninja offers a flat rate.

You can send unlimited emails for just $39 a month!

View Quantify Ninja here.

Best Amazon Rank Boosting Products

Customers can't shop with you if they can't find you. Enter keyword FBA seller tools. Platforms like RANK, KeyWorX, and Sonar will help you secure that top spot on the Amazon results page.


RANK is one of the most expensive alternatives to Jungle Scout out there, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t include it. RANK is one of the most direct ways to boost your Amazon sales.

RANK lets your purchase keyword-focused sales, meaning that you’re essentially purchasing searches made by real people who are looking for your product.

As long as your product is at a comparable quality and price point to the completion, you’re essentially guaranteed to make the sale.

According to the most recent data, its pricing looks to be as follows:

  • 20 keyword-focused sales are $749
  • 30 keyword-focused sales are $1099
  • 50 keyword-focused sales are $1549
  • 75 keyword-focused sales are $1799
  • 100 keyword-focused sales are $2049

If you’re looking for fool-proof results, this may be the tool for you.

View RANK here.

8. KeyWorX

KeyworX is one of the best rank-tracking tools on the market, balancing quality and cost.

It actually works as two trackers in one. First, a keyword tracker reverse engineers rankings to tell you which keywords work and which don’t. The second tool is an Amazon BSR tool that allows you to track your performance over time.

Combined, you’ll be able to modify your keyword strategy in real-time and improve your rankings throughout the process.

KeyworX is also known for its great support team - if you’re looking for help achieving your goals, they’re happy to help.

The tool starts at a reasonable price of $27 a month for up to 200 keywords. For 500 keywords, the price increases to $47 a month and increases up to $297 for 5000 keywords.

When all’s said and done, this is a high-value tool that will give you great results.

View KeyWorX here.

9. Sonar

But if you're truly looking to spend the least amount possible on your keyword research, look no further than Sonar. This free tool was created by Sellics and provides detailed metrics on keywords.

Here’s how it works: like a search engine, Sonar looks at the keywords that users search for to determine the most effective search terms.

However, unlike other FBA ranking tools, Sonar looks exclusively at what customers are looking for while searching on Amazon and ignores Google searches.

Bypassing search engine queries will have a huge effect on your rankings because you will only be looking at data that has specific buyer intent, whereas generic search engine data involves individuals who may just be curious and not willing to make a purchase.

Sonar then collects terms and stores them in a huge online repository. It uses all of these stored words for future estimates. Do keep in mind that this tool is not updated as regularly as other keyword tools, so data on new-to-market items may be limited.

View Sonar here.

Best Amazon Profit Tracking Tools

The more you sell, the more you make - but only if you're charging products at the right price. The following profit-tracking tools will keep you on top of your pricing and ensure you're getting the returns you want.

10. Cash Cow Pro

Cash Cow Pro will give you countless ways to track the data behind your business operations. Metrics include stats on user habits, like conversion rate and time spent on each page.

It also features an A/B testing tool that will help you determine the best way to configure your products.

Perhaps its most important feature is its ROI calculator. Cash Cow Pro gives you net profit futures and will show you your returns.

Even if you do decide to go for a more specific analytical tool down the road, having an all-in-one data platform is still a necessity so that you can have a general understanding of how you’re performing at all times.

Cash Cow Pro’s plan starts at about $100 a month. Though a bit on the pricey side, it’s important to note that most of the features that Cash Cow provides are offered as stand-alone products from other FBA tools. Combined, they could run you thousands of dollars a month.

View Cash Cow Pro here.

11. SellerLegend

SellerLegend is one of the best Jungle Scout competitors and is renowned for its profit tracking tools.

It will track your profits and sales in real-time to give you a trend analysis that describes what’s selling and how much you’re making.

Even better, you can group the data it collects to find patterns in your sales and therefore determine where you’re making the most returns.

For example, you can filter information by per-order profit. It will show you which items are making the most as a group. You can also group orders by the discount rate, which will show you the value of discounted items and the lowest price you should be selling items for.

Other tools included are fast order data, product management assistance, daily email statistics, customer management tools, VAT handling for European markets, and daily status updates.

The tool starts at about $50 a month for up to 2500 orders and goes up to about $100 a month if you handle up to 50,000 orders. It also offers a free 21-day trial.

View SellerLegend here.

Best Conversion Rate Tools

Converting users to buyers is all about selling a product that appeals to their needs and their budget. Our favorite conversion-builder tool Feedvisor, will help you do just that.

12. Feedvisor

Feedvisor is a future-driven pricing tool, using cutting-edge technology and AI data to price your items at the most lucrative price points.

This tool doesn’t just make an educated guess - it uses the same science that many Fortune 500 companies use to come up with their pricing!

First, Feedvisor’s AI runs a 24/7 analysis of your competition. The data will help you determine the right price point for an item at any given time, thereby optimizing your product listing.

Once it has information on your competition, it will combine that data with your current product availability and demand to come up with its final price recommendation.

Feedvisor offers three plans: professional, premium, and enterprise. This is one of the most costly Amazon Jungle Scout alternatives you can expect to find, starting at $1000.

The team requests that you try a demo to get full pricing information. If you’re still not convinced, you can try its 60-day free trial.

View Feedvisor here.

Best Amazon Inventory Tools

Maintaining a close eye on your inventory is crucial to being successful as an Amazon seller. Our top inventory tools will keep you on top of your items both before and after you make a sale.

13. Shopkeeper

Shopkeeper has one of the most impressive inventory tracking tools on the FBA market.

With just a quick look into your account, the tool will show you how many items you have in stock. What’s more, it will use historical at a to give you a projection of how long you can expect inventory to last.

The tool will also give you an idea of how much you would expect to make should you sell all of your inventory today. Having accurate sales projections will help you determine your digital marketing strategy and how much inventory you should order next time.

All of Shopkeeper's helpful business metrics are viewed on one convenient dashboard.

The tool has four different pricing models based on how many orders you receive each month:

  • $20 a month for up to 250 orders
  • $45 a month for up to 1000 orders
  • $90 a month for up to 5000 orders
  • $250 a month for unlimited orders

The tiered pricing model makes Shopkeeper an affordable option, regardless of how experienced you are as a seller.

View Shopkeeper here.

14. Refunds Manager

Another part of managing your inventory is keeping track of the returns process. Despite how organized your store is, errors will happen sometimes.

Refunds Manager will give you peace of mind that you’ll receive reimbursement should an error occur, whether something gets lost in the warehouse or a return is damaged.

The tool covers almost 20 possible issues that could happen, including but not limited to:

  • Damaged returns
  • Inventory adjustments
  • Warehouse losses
  • Damaged shipments
  • Restocking fees
  • Inaccurate refunds
  • Customer replacements

Refunds Manager is free to use and will only charge you if you receive a refund. Once a refund is distributed, you’ll receive 75% of the reimbursement, and they’ll take the other 25%. Sounds a lot better than 0%.

View Refunds Manager here.

Using the Best Jungle Scout Alternatives

You don't have to go with the popular, expensive product to be a successful seller on Amazon. While Jungle Scout has great features, the best Jungle Scout alternatives will give you even more than what you need - and often at a lower price.

Protect your status and product listings safe as an Amazon seller by using Bindwise. Our team of experts will give you peace of mind while we constantly track your store's security.

Create an account with us to learn more about what we offer!