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23 Best Amazon Seller Tools for 2022

Best software solutions for smart Amazon sellers: Bindwise for alerting, Feedback Whiz for customer communications, Cash Cow Pro if you're a numbers person, etc.
23 Best Amazon Seller Tools for 2022

If you're one of the 1.5 million active sellers on Amazon, then you're well aware of the many responsibilities that come with running an online store.

From managing your inventory to communicating with customers, keeping track of every moving part can be exhausting and inefficient.

Transform the way your Amazon-based business operates by implementing seller tools into your business strategy.

We've created a list of the 23 best Amazon seller software for 2022. Whether you're looking for an all-in-one solution or specific software, we've got you covered with our Amazon seller tool tips.

1. Bindwise

If You’re Looking for an All-In-One, Preventative Amazon Alerting Tool

Prevent issues with your Amazon listings before they happen by using Bindwise.

As one of the best Amazon seller tools, Bindwise will let you know any potential problems with your account before an issue should arise. This includes anything from unresolved customer problems or Amazon Terms of Service violations.

It gives you alerts on potential costly problems and even notifies you if Amazon takes down one of your products (and you've likely experienced the frustration of Amazon taking down a product without letting you know).

The software is also 100% compliant with Amazon's Terms of Service. This is an important factor for security tools since their software often violates terms.


Bindwise is an affordable solution to take care of all of your seller issues. Its 5-tiered pricing plan means you can find the best solution for your business without overstepping your budget.

Plans come with alerts to keep your store secure. More comprehensive plans are equipped to send hundreds of alerts a day, so you'll never miss a beat.

  • Up to 1000 orders/mo costs $19/mo
  • Up to 10,000 orders/mo costs $29/mo
  • Up to 25,000 orders/mo costs $49/mo
  • Up to 50,000 orders/mo costs $69/mo
  • Over 50,000 orders/mo costs $99/mo

Get started with Bindwise's features by testing out its free trial.

2. Feedback Whiz

If You Want to Customize Your Communications

Feedback Whiz is another great all-around tool that offers a variety of features, but its best feature is its communication capabilities. Stay connected to your customers like never before.

You can create automated campaigns for individual products, allowing you to segment customers based on their interests.

Customization options have a variety of choices to make each campaign on par with your brand. Think custom HTML, GIFs, attachments, and built-in emojis.

Feedback Whiz covers orders, gives insight on customer data, provides analytics, and organizes reviews.

Go one step further by customizing your responses to customer feedback. If you want to make your customer connections stronger than ever, Feedback Whiz can be a helpful choice.


Feedback Whiz offers a free membership plan with basic features. After that, it has four pricing plans.

  • Starter plan is $19.99/mo
  • Basic plan is $39.99/mo
  • Professional plan is $79.99/mo
  • Ultimate plan is $139.99/mo

You can also sign up for a free trial before you decide on a plan.

3. Cash Cow Pro

If You're a Numbers Person

If analytics is your middle name, you'll love Cash Cow Pro. This tool offers countless ways to measure the details of your business.

Its features include stats on user habits, like time spent on the page and conversions. Its A/B testing feature can show you the best way to display your products for the most success.

CashCowPro is the most helpful tool for calculating your ROI. It provides Net Profit figures and helps determine your returns from that data.

Down the road, you may want to get more specific about your analytics. You may even consider using specialized software for certain data. But it's still a good idea to have an all-in-one platform for tracking your store's metrics, and Cash Cow Pro is one of the best on the market.


Many of the features that Cash Cow Pro provides are stand-alone products that could cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars a month.

Cash Cow Pro's plan is only $99/mo and sometimes goes on sale for as little as $50/mo. It also gives you the option to sign up for a free trial before your plan starts.


If You Want to Boost Your Product's Ranking

Amazon sellers are all too familiar with the platform's heavy competition. Just getting a product noticed is half the battle.

If you think that an increase in your product listing's ranking is just the boost you need to convert more business, you may be interested in RANK.

RANK provides purchasable keyword research sales. When interested people type in the exact keyword relating to your product, you will pop up.

With competitive pricing and a high-quality product, you can rest assured that you will see results. RANK guarantees a rank increase, almost always to positions on the first page.

The tool also boasts that once you do reach the first page, the results last.


RANK’s platform is a tool from the Amazon SEO consultant website. It's one of the most expensive Amazon seller tools out there. It may be worth it if you're looking for fool-proof results.

  • 20 keyword-focuses sales is $749
  • 30 keyword-focused sales is $1099
  • 50 keyword-focused sales is $1549
  • 75 keyword-focused sales is $1799
  • 100 keyword-focused sales is $2049

It also offers custom orders.

5. KeyWorX

If You Want a Top-Notch ASIN Tool

If you thought that RANK is a cool tool, you'll also be a fan of KeyWorX. This software uses two trackers in one to get you as much data on your products as possible.

It has a keyword tracker that reverse engineers rankings to tell you which keywords are effective. It also has an Amazon BSR tool that gives you a timeline for the performance of each ASIN.


KeyWorx is both an affordable and accurate tracking system. It has three plans.

  • Tester tracks 500 keywords for $27/mo
  • Standard tracks 1000 keywords for $47/mo
  • Basic tracks 2500 keywords for $97/mo

And if you want to try it out for no cost, it offers a free 30-day trial.

6. SellerLegend

If You're Looking for a Profit-Tracker Tool

SellerLegend measures the data of your Amazon store in what is as close to real-time as possible. It tracks sales, profits, and trend analysis to give you a full picture of what's selling and how much you're making.

Even more helpful, you can group order data to discover patterns in your sales. For instance, you can filter information by pending orders, refunds, per-order profit, and even discounts by either $ or %.

You'll receive daily, weekly, and monthly status updates. If you want your team involved in the process, it gives guest access to employees and accountants.


SellerLegend offers four affordable pricing plans.

  • Starter analyses up for 2500 orders/mo for $49.99/mo
  • Advanced analyses up for 5000 orders/mo for $59.99/mo
  • Professional analyses up to 15000 orders/mo for $69.99/no
  • Enterprise analyses up to 50,000 orders/mo for $99.99/mo

You can also try out its 21-day free trial.

If Your Goal is to Streamline Bookkeeping

Link My Books exists to help Amazon sellers save time and money by automating their bookkeeping. Think of it as the tool that sits in the middle between your sales channels (including Amazon of course) and your bookkeeping platform.

Each time you receive a payout from Amazon a summary invoice is generated breaking down all your sales, refunds, fees and any taxes too. These reconcile exactly with the deposits Amazon makes into your bank account - meaning you have accurate accounts running on autopilot.

Link My Books supports all Amazon marketplaces plus other sales channels like eBay with Etsy and Shopify due to be released in early 2022.


Link My Books offers a free 14-day trial and paid plans start at just $14/mo depending on your order count and the number of sales channels you need to connect.

  • 200 orders per month - $14/mo
  • 1,000 orders per month - $29/mo
  • 5,000 orders per month - $46/mo
  • 10,000 orders per month - $76/mo

They also offer other plans if you need more orders per month or more sales channel connections.

8. AMZAlert

If You Like an Extra Layer of Security

The last thing you want is for your hard work to be hijacked. AMZAlert gives your store peace of mind by providing a full-scale security package. According to its website, it crawls listings every 30-60 minutes.

If it detects something is off, it will send you alerts and send the hacker a cease and desist letter. Even at the starter package level, it will notify you of product title changes, product takedowns, and any hijacking of the buy box.

The more comprehensive the package, the more detailed your security options. Alerts can cover product image, category and title changes, and even keyword or listing changes.


Prices vary based on the number of ASINS you want to track. Its pricing page has a slider tool to show you how much you can expect to pay.

  • Track 25 ASINS for $25/mo
  • Track 100 ASINS for $75/mo

Get started with a 10-day free trial.

9. Feedback Genius

If You Need Help Managing Reviews (Now Known as SellerLabs)

Feedback Whiz is a great tool for all-around customer communication. But if your main area of concern is keeping up with reviews, a great Amazon seller tool for you will be Feedback Genius/SellerLabs.

It tracks every single review left on your Amazon page. Then, its management system stores each review and helps you to organize them by assigning each review a status: ticket opened, waiting, responded, resolved, or won't fix.

With SellerLabs, you can make a routine of checking and responding to reviews each day, a routine that you can start at no cost using its 30-day free trial.


SellerLabs has about seven different pricing models, all based on your sales. Here are just few.

  • Up to $50k costs $49/mo
  • Up to $250k costs $99/mo
  • Up to $1M costs $149/mo

Test out its system with a free trial.

10. The Phifer Group

If You Need Your Listings Translated

No one reading your product descriptions should be able to tell if they weren't written in their native language. The Phifer Group is an expert service for changing the language of your copy based on your target customer.

The group's translations take into account complex SEO requirements to ensure that your product attracts high search engine ratings in every language. The translations can also be targeted to local audiences, another key SEO benefit.

Its services are extensive, including proofreading, editing, and copywriting in addition to its general translation.


Although it's a bit on the pricier side, Phifer's quality of service speaks for itself.

Phifer is a European group, and its pricing is listed in Euros. We've converted it to its rough American equivalent.

  • Full listing translation with title, bullet points, product description, and backend keywords are $62.50
  • Full listing translation and SEO optimization is $78.40
  • Full listing translation, SEO optimization, and photos are $89.75

Its website also shows prices for copywriting and proofreading.

11. SimplyVAT

If You Sell on the European Marketplace

Global markets mean global taxes. If you sell on Amazon's France, UK, Italy, Germany, or Spain marketplace, you'll have to pay VAT.

Using SimplyVAT helps you to make all of your VAT calculations quickly and efficiently. It standardized the process all in one place, recording all of your VAT information.

The tool requires you to register your business for VAT with a one-time fee. If you subscribe to its premium packages, it will file your VAT returns for you each year.

Considering how strictly VAT policy is enforced in Europe, you'll find that this tool relieves you of a significant amount of stress.


SimplyVAT offers three packages: gold, platinum, and diamond.

You'll have to schedule a call for full pricing information, but you can expect the one-time registration fee to cost about $500 and the VAT return calculations to start at a minimum of $250.

12. Jungle Scout

If You Want to Do a Product Research To Decide What Sell Next

Jungle Scout is a great Amazon tool for beginner sellers who are looking for keyword and product scouting.

There was a time when people selling on Amazon had to do all the research manually, so Jungle Scout was one of the first to come up with a solution to automate that. A process that would have taken hours in the past can now be done in literally minutes or even seconds.

This tool is great for beginner merchants as data is typically not 100% correct.

Also, it's essentially the 999+ inventory trick but automated allowing you to monitor the inventory of whatever ASIN you want (999+ inventory trick explained. Add the product to the cart, up the QTY to 999, if they have less then it'll show how many they have in stock. Repeat the process daily to see how many units per day they're selling).

Jungle Scout consists of other tools that could help in your day-to-day Amazon operations:

  • Browser Extension
  • Keyword Scout
  • Product Tracker
  • Rank Tracker
  • Opportunity Finder
  • Listing Builder
  • Product Database
  • Review Automation
  • Supplier Database
  • Sales Analytics
  • Academy
  • Inventory Manager
  • Alerts
  • Promotions
  • Category Trends


The platform comes with three different pricing models.

  • Basic plans cost $49/mo
  • Suite plan costs $69/mo
  • Professional plan costs $129/mo

Jungle Scout offers a free 7-day trial.

13. Sonar

If You Need Quality with Keyword Research Tool

Sonar is one of the best Amazon tools for sellers on the market for keyword research. Its software was developed by Sellics. It's both completely free and comes with a host of features that you can use.

Sonar detects what shoppers are searching for on Amazon and on Amazon only. By cutting out the search engine traffic from engines like Google, it eliminates all of the searches that may be empty.

For instance, a Google search for a product may not have purchase intent and may just be for research purposes. An Amazon search for a product is likely made by someone who is interested in buying the item.

Sonar stores all of the keywords and uses them to create future projections. It also comes equipped with reverse ASIN lookups to provide even more data.


This software is free to use!

14. GenVideo

If You Need High-Quality Product Photos

When you're shopping online, a product is only so good as its digital presence shows. Your Amazon store needs high-quality content in order for its products to be popular. This is where GenVideo comes in handy.

GenVideo is a trusted service for providing great imagery and video content for your product listings.

The services help you to connect with an influencer who will create a video that you can use in your listings and across your other media platforms.

It can implement your video onto platforms too, which is helpful if you have no technical knowledge.


You're guaranteed to make your listing stand out with custom videos, which may justify GenVideo's price tag.

It offers a free basic membership that gives you simple video features and customer support to create better content. More expensive packages give you access to more videos.

Schedule a demo to learn more about the platform and what service you can expect.

A customized video will cost you anywhere from $300 to $500 (and sometimes more). The process includes a consultation with GenVideo to create exactly what you're looking for.

15. BrandBuilders

If You're Looking to Register Your Brand Officially on Amazon

Meet the Amazon Terms of Service while transforming your brand's online presence by using BrandBuilders.

It's a service made up of a team of experts who have experience putting into place the best branding to make your Amazon store stand out. It also offers additional services like eCommerce marketing, platforms, and solutions.

If you need content for affiliate marketing sites, BrandBuilders can do that for you too.


BrandBuilders has a few different pricing models.

  • Starter package is $500/mo
  • Growth package is $1000/mo
  • Surge package is $2000/mo

Although you may be able to find less expensive packages elsewhere, it's unlikely that you'll find the same level of expertise.

16. Refunds Manager

If You Want Peace of Mind with Reimbursements

Sometimes errors happen with your Amazon store. Whether something gets lost in the warehouse or there's a delivery issue with a courier, you may end up losing merchandise.

Refunds Manager is a tool that will keep track of all of your times and refund you should something go wrong. It reduces the hassle of getting a refund by covering almost 20 possible scenarios that could arise, including:

  • Returned inventory errors
  • Chargebacks
  • Damaged returns
  • Inaccurate reimbursements
  • Inaccurate order refunds
  • Warehouse losses
  • Customer replacements
  • Inventory adjustments
  • Damaged shipments
  • Commission fees
  • Destroyed items
  • Restocking fees

After you sign up, you'll get your first refund back within just a few days. The tool is used by thousands of Amazon sellers, and all refund claims are submitted manually, maintaining Amazon's Terms of Service.


Refunds Manager only charges you a fee if a refund is distributed. They'll take 25% of the refund, so you'll get 75% back, as opposed to the 0% you may have gotten otherwise.

17. Avalara

If You Need Help with Your Taxes

Taxes can be one of the most annoying parts of running your Amazon store, but filing your tax returns with Avalara makes the process a breeze.

Its tool makes the experience simple by syncing with your Amazon control panel. It has access to all of your transactions, instead of you having to report them manually.

The software also has a drop down menu that allows you to input your location. Avalara will then be able to coordinate your transactions with the correct tax types. VAT taxes and sales-specific taxes will all be recorded in one convenient location.


Avalara is offered at a flat rate of $19 a month. Considering how much your taxes can vary from year to year, it's pretty helpful to have a number that you can count on to remain stable.

For returns and calculations, the software costs $83/mo. And if you need a custom plan, Avalara's got that too.

18. Feedvisor

If You Need Guidance Pricing Products

Price your products too high, and you'll never outrank your competition. But rank your prices too low, and you won't make a profit.

A great budgeting Amazon tool for sellers is Feedvisor. It's run by cutting-edge technology, and even AI software.

Feedvisor's AI runs a 24/7 analysis of your competition to determine the best prices to charge for your products at any given moment. After it understands what the competitive landscape looks like, it will combine its data with your product availability and current demand to determine the perfect price.

This tool isn't for beginners - it's using the same science that helps a group of Fortune 500 companies design their pricing. It's made for FBA!


Feedvisor offers three plans. You can expect the least expensive one to cost about $1000 a month.

  • Professional
  • Premium
  • Enterprise

They ask that you request a demo for full product pricing information. You can also sign up for a 60-day free trial.

19. Quantify Ninja

If You Want to Efficiently Send Automated Emails

Quantify Ninja gives you everything you need to create an automated email list campaign. It offers email templates and bulk emailing services, along with data to track open rates.

It tracks your buyer's black list, so you don't bother anyone with emails, and you can decide who will opt out.

The software also provides a stellar targeting tool, so you can make rules that dictate who will receive certain emails.

For instance, you could exclude someone from receiving a review request email if they have already left a review on your page. You could also target someone based on interest in a certain product.

Even more beneficial is the option to break down your customer lists by demographics and marketplace. You can then mass email them based on their preferred language or communication style.


Quantify Ninja's pricing is what really sets it apart. Whereas most email services will charge you by the amount of subscribers you have or the amount of emails that you want to send per month, Quantify Ninja offers a flat rate for unlimited emails and all of its other services.

You can also give its free trial a go if you want to see what it's like.

20. Shopkeeper

If You're Keeping a Close Eye on Inventory

One of the best Amazon seller tips is to keep close eye on your merchandise. With Shopkeeper, managing your inventory is simple.

The platform offers numerous inventory tracking tools. It tells you both the products you have in stock and a projection of how long they're expected to remain in stock based on the history of sales.

And Shopkeeper isn't just for tracking inventory. It provides detailed business metrics on a convenient dashboard.

It also provides a profit tracking tool to tell you how much you could expect to make should you sell all of your inventory today.


Shopkeeper has four different pricing models based on the number of orders you receive each month. All four are affordable and come with a host of features.

  • Up to 250 orders per month for $20/mo
  • Up to 1000 orders per month for $45/mo
  • Up to 5000 orders per month for $90/mo
  • Unlimited orders per month for $250/mo

You can get acquainted with the software by signing up for a free trial.

21. FosterFBA

If You Want Insight on Your Competitors

There's nothing wrong with checking out the competition. FosterFBA's specialty is identifying keywords from competitor listings, and then using the best ones to optimize your listings.

It's unclear exactly how they do this, but the results speak for themselves. Just be aware that given Amazon's history, they may not be effective in the long-run as the site evolves.

However, for now, it's a safe and effective Amazon selling software to use, and works well if you want to see what your competitors are up to.

If you're still skeptical, the site offers a free search tool to return the results from one of your ASINS - you're in for a pleasant surprise when you see how accurate the terms can be.


FosterFBA has two pricing options. You can choose the royal listing option for $199 or the supreme listing option for $299.

22. SellerActive

If You Want to Sell on Multiple Channel

If you're selling on Amazon, chances are you sell on other platforms too. SellerActive is a great platform for multi-channel sales and fulfillment by bringing all of your sales channels together.

The software creates an integration portfolio of all of your products. You can integrate platforms from Amazon and Walarment to eBay into its dashboard. You can also connect your shipping and audit accounts to keep track of all stages of the inventory process.

Because of everything under one roof, you can cross-optimize orders and inventory to make the sales process more efficient. You'll have better analysis for tracking inventory, suppliers, and forecast sales.


Like many Amazon seller tools, SellerActive bases its pricing models of your sales. For $79/mo, it will handle inventory listings and fulfillment for sales up to $5000. Prices go up to $299 for sales of up to $100,000.

You can also try SellerActive free for 30 days.

23. Helium 10

If You're a Beginner

The hundreds of available Amazon seller tools can be overwhelming if you're unfamiliar with the different kinds of Amazon software.

If you're a beginner, Helium 10 will give you the services you need without adding stress. It's one of the most comprehensive and versatile solutions out there, containing over a dozen tools.

Some of Helium's stellar features include a great keyword research portal, a Brand Gate Checker, and a top-notch competitor research tool. You won't have to look much further than Helium 10 as you're getting the hang of things.


Helium 10 has great value for the cost and offers three distinct plans.

  • Platinum costs $99/mo
  • Diamond costs $199/mo
  • Elite costs $399/mo

You can create your own custom plan if you're a newbie looking for more guidance.

Finding the Right Amazon Seller Tools for You

Running your Amazon store is full of challenges and surprises. Make the job easier by using some of the Amazon seller tools listed above in our Amazon seller tools guide.

Prevent issues with your Amazon store before they arise by signing up for Bindwise. Get started by creating an account with us and see how much your business can grow!