Identify costly issues with your Amazon seller account.

All online sellers run into the same fundamental problems. Time-consuming daily routine, stock management headaches, overselling or inventory woes. The good news? Bindwise solves them.

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Ecommerce Platform

Automated ecommerce solutions inside spreadsheets.

Run your entire online business smarter from an automated ecommerce platform built on top of your own spreadsheets. Allow all of your ecommerce channels to work together in perfect harmony.

Order management

Bindwise understands that your growing business needs more flexibility and functionality to meet ever-changing workflow. Now, you can eliminate over 90% of the daily "busy manual work" associated with managing and fulfilling orders and make multi-channel selling a breeze with one central source of truth to view, manage and process orders.

Inventory management

Full inventory management and real-time inventory updates across all sales channels help to prevent double selling, reduce human errors and save your team time and effort.

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Monitoring for Amazon Sellers

Get instant notifications for your Amazon business

While Amazon provides a lot of data to the sellers, they don't necessarily inform you about important changes and trends that can impact the fate of your sales

Get live updates with the Bindwise Alerts about everything important related to your store on Amazon:

Hijackers or piggybackers of your listings
Your unnoticed policy violations
Defects in listings or silently suppressed listings
Product detail page overrides
Listing optimization opportunities
Buy Box losses
Negative seller feedback
And more

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On 21 December at 11:15 AM
Hijacker "Fake Acme" has started selling your product with FBA offer
Hijacker's offer
Price is $15.38 ($14.39 + $0.99)
Shipping time is 1-2 days
Is shipped from United States, CO
My FBA offer
Price is $17.99 (+ $0.00)
Shipping is 2-3 days
What's changed in the Buy Box?
FBA eligible offers was 1 ⇨ now 2
The current Buy Box state
Winner is "Fake Acme" (FBA)
Price is $15.38 ($14.39 + $0.99)

How it works

Start gradually getting rid of manual work in 3 easy steps.


Setup in 3 min

During the setup process you will be prompted to select eBay, Amazon or other marketplace where you sell.



Pick a task to automate, e.g., order or inventory management. Bindwise completes tasks, while you solve more important problems.



As you discover more tasks you want to automate, just set up Bindwise for each of them. Increase your efficiency & save time.

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Success Stories

Our Customers

Yanique Thorman
Amazon UK, DE & FR seller
5.0 ★★★★★

"Best service to track changes to your listings and hijackers. I tried a lot and this one has invaluable info. Best is the hijacker alert emails which show who is winning the Buy Box."

Predrag Vojnovic
Amazon US seller
5.0 ★★★★★

"Negative reviews, product title, description changes, everything arrives almost instantly to your email. Just amazing. Well done."

Roberto Bodini
Amazon IT & US seller
5.0 ★★★★★

"Luckily Bindwise Alerts revealed that one of my rivals changes listings with incorrect product details."

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